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Product Overview

The definitive solution for those seeking a combination of aesthetic appeal and function, our ultimate security shutters are a seamless blend of security, style, and performance. The result is a truly reliable aluminium shutter door or window suitable for both coastal and inland climates.

Manufactured in-house for each installation, we eliminate common frustrations such as panel sagging, unstable louvres, and light leakage, ensuring unmatched quality, reliability, and a perfect fit. Every louvre is reinforced with an alu-rod—a solid rod 'blade-skeleton'—that provides a robust blade structure capable of withstanding significant force. Our cutting-edge finishing processes include advanced chromotising and powder-coating to deliver superior products and a lifetime of service.

An optional three-point lock system fully secures the shutter door in three positions with a single lock action for powerful protection and convenience.


  • Each shutter is custom-measured and manufactured to meet specific requirements, sizes and colour preferences.
  • Installed by trained Traxdor technicians.
  • Solid alu-rod 'blade-skeleton' in every louvre ensures robust structure.
  • The in-house powder-coating process employs high-quality UV-protected, non-colour fading, SASS-approved powders to ensure a superior-quality finish.
  • Four-way interlocking blades and blade edges provide added blade strength and high-impact resistance while ensuring 'water-, wind-, and light-resistance' with excellent water run-off
  • Blade locking provides additional security.
  • A dual-function handgrip at each 'blade section' (blended with shutter colour) acts as a blade adjuster and keyless blade lock.
  • Multi-purpose design provides burglar proofing, light management and airflow control in a single product.
  • Adjust blades in various combinations to suit your light and privacy preferences.
  • Enjoy unobstructed airflow with uncompromised security when louvre blades are open for complete peace of mind.
  • Optional three-point stainless steel hook-and-latch lock with anti-lift safety pins secures the shutter in three positions with a single lock action for improved tamper-proof security.
  • Double inner framing, v-h-v joints (vertical-horizontal-vertical), heavy-duty hinges, and stainless steel security fasteners enhance the tamper-proof anti-lift design, ensure strength and resistance to attack, and prevent panel sagging. 
  • Heavy-duty rollers and stainless steel wheelsets provide further structural strength, improve the ability to maintain position and allow for smooth operation. 
  • Option to integrate our exclusive alarm system. This highly sophisticated system, unique to Traxdor, contains built-in adjustable wireless vibration sensors at various positions to eliminate predictability and false alarms. An LED indicates lock status. Alarm activation is triggered by a measure of vibration.
  • Option to incorporate alarm into existing system for convenience and peace of mind.
  • Optional mobile siren available to extend the functionality of the sensor alarm.
  • In the absence of an existing alarm system, an additional stand-alone wireless siren, with a minimum radius of 50 meters, is available

Available Colours

Matt Black
Matt Silver
Stone Grey
Ash Grey
Matt White
Gloss White

Technical Information

SLIDING DOORS AND WINDOWS (2 panels, double track & multi-track, 2 to 4 panels)

Multi-sliding, double-track doors and windows are suitable where there are two opening panels to the door or window, and both require protection and easy access for movement and cleaning.

This system employs panels that open and stack on either side of the opening.

MULTI-FOLDING DOORS AND WINDOWS (3 to 7 and 10 panels)

Multi-fold (bi-fold) doors and windows run on a single track. The panels stack neatly to one side of the opening. These can be configured to allow a single or double working door or window for regular use while the other panels remain secured.

This system maximises the area of the door or window when fully open. They also include shoot bolts on each panel for added security.


The French door or window is suitable where an unobstructed opening is required and there is limited space on either side of the frame. The panels are hinged on the left and right of the opening and open from the centre.

This system has two operating panels and no centre post, allowing for unobstructed views.

HINGED DOORS (1 panel)

Hinged doors are suitable for single-opening doors with limited space on either side. This design can also be used in passages to secure designated areas in homes or businesses.

The door can be hinged on either the left or right side, depending on the installation requirements.


Fixed Panels are suitable for windows or shopfronts that do not open.

They can also be used to enclose open areas such as patios, or in spaces that need to be blocked off where a solid wall or panels are not appropriate.

Fixed Panels can be installed in conjunction with either sliding or hinged units.


A Midrail is optional on all shutters and can be positioned in the centre or off-centre as required.


You will receive a 2-year warranty on workmanship (T&Cs apply).  Lifetime Guarantee on forced entry (T&Cs apply).

Correct maintenance will ensure your shutter stays in a working condition. Ask your Traxdor Security Consultant about our recommended maintenance procedures to ensure the validity of the full warranty.

Materials  5 years
Locks & cylinders 5 years
Alarm & electrical components 1 years

Life-long guaranteed cost-free repair plan in case of any illegal breach (T&C’s apply).

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