Transparent Burglar Bars


Transparent Burglar Bars are also known as ‘See through burglar bars’, ‘Clear Bars’ or ‘Clear Vision’ and is one of the most innovative window bars on the market. It is hardly noticeable yet there is no compromise on security. Therefore it is a favourite among clients who either do not want to obstruct their view or want something that blends in with their décor. This is an extremely strong product with a tensile breaking strength of 3000 kg. Furthermore, they require no maintenance and they are highly durable because they are UV protected. These excellent qualities make it an outstanding security barrier for windows.

Burglar bar material and its main features

Transparent burglar bars are manufactured of UV-Stabilised Thermo Polycarbonate Resin. Here follows a summary of its exceptional features as a window bar:
1. STRONG.  Transparent burglar bars are virtually indestructible with an exceptional impact strength. Used in riot visors, shields and aircraft windows they have a tensile breaking strength of 3 ton.  They are fire tested and can take up to 300 degrees heat!
2. DURABLE.  Made of UV-protected material.

3. NO PERSPEX.  This is not a perspex material.
5. LOOKS GREAT!  It does not obstruct your view and the burglar bar’s transparent appearance easily blends in with your style or décor.

Transparent burglar bars by Traxdor Cape - Western Cape and Eastern Cape

Fire tested and long term optical clarity. Manufactured of exceptional impact strength UV-stabilised Thermo Plastic Polycarbonate Resin.

Legion Guard transparent burglar bars by Traxdor Cape, Western & Eastern Cape
Burglar bars that looks great in any room as it blends in with the interior…

 Additional Burglar Bars


Aluminium Window Bars

Aluminium burglar bars by Traxdor Cape - Western Cape and Eastern Cape

Security grade aluminium burglar bars. Chromadised and powder coated in 6 different colours; white, cream, matte silver, bronze, charcoal and matte black.