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Thank you for your interest in our products.  We are confident that House Traxdor is the gateway to a well-defined entrance, view or lifestyle space!

We have agents all over South Africa to assist in the process.   An agent may be allocated to you for either a quote, risk assessment or deeper product support.

Online support and Customer Manager for Traxdor Cape Burglar Proofing, South Africa

"Please complete the form so that we can properly attend to your needs"...

• Once you contact us, we will make a range of options available for you and guide you to find the best door and window solution for you.

• Support Hours:  Monday to Thursdays - 08h00 to 17h00 |  Fridays - 08h00 to 13h00

Take Note:  Please select the products you desire to be quoted/supported on - you can select more than one item.

You will be contacted by an agent - please provide the city/town where you live so that we can allocate an agent to you.
Should you require product support on any product that you have purchased or thinking of purchasing AND/OR you need to give us additional info on the quote you require please complete the field...

Call Centre:  086 046 2255


Mondays to Thursdays:  08:00–17:00
Fridays:  08:00–14:00
Saturdays/Sundays & Public Holidays:  Closed

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